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The wine shipping laws in the USA

Ever read about a wine and you can’t find it anywhere? You might be getting subjected to archaic state laws. Find out what’s happening with wine shipping and how this system is about to get upgraded.

The red states in the image below do not allow wine shipements.

There 10 states that flat out don’t allow wine to be shipped directly to you (or make it so difficult that shipping carriers simply refuse to deliver). What this image doesn’t show you is that there are several states with additional rules and fees, making it hard for small wineries to deliver their wines to you. Let’s look at some of the details on the archaic laws of wine shipping:

  • if you live in Alabama, you have to get special prior written approval from the Alcohol beverage Control Board and prepay for deliveries
  • if you live in Utah, you’re a criminal (who could face a felony charges) if you bring more than 2 botteles of wine from your travel
  • if you live in Arizona or New mexico, you can only receive 2 cases of wine annually… that’s only one bottle every two weeks !
  • if you live in Colorado, Idaho, Lousiana, Montana, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming, wineries must buy a yearly permit just to ship you
  • if you live in New jersey, large wineries (over 250,000 gallons) can’t ship you wine.
  • if you live in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska or Maryland, you can pretty much get whatever you want, as long as they can get it to you

Maryland just passed a law in 2011 to legalize direct shipments of wine…

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