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17-20 october 2017
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Prosecco wine tour

Just a 30 minute drive from Venice in the region of Veneto lies the home of Prosecco. At its heart is the Prosecco road that runs through the Prosecco DOCG area from the town of Valdobbiadene in the west and Conegliano in the east.

This 20 mile road twists and turns through hilly vineyards, the narrow streets of tiny villages and along the tops of mountains.

Dotted all the way along the Prosecco road are the DOCG wineries and vineyards.

Winery and vineyard tours and tastings are available, but they generally have to be booked in advance because wineries are often not open to passers-by.

There are a few companies that you can book private tours with who will take you to a couple of wineries. But, it’s just as simple – and maye even better – to do your own Prosecco wine tour...