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17-20 october 2017
Epernay - Le Millesium

The Physics of Festive Fizz

1. Gently Pour into an Inclined Glass

2. Use Flutes Not Coupes

3. Serve Chilled but not Cold

You want to know why ?

1. Research by Gérard Liger-Belair and colleagues at the Université de Reims has shown that by pouring into an inclined glass – much as one would pour a beer – the wine can contain up to twice as much dissolved CO2. And that means a longer-lasting bubble stream and more intense aromas.

2. With a flute the vortex zone covers the entire width of the glass and VOCs are contained within a relatively small volume. By contrast with a coupe, the vortex zone covers only about half of the wine surface. This results in a doughnut shape adjacent to the rim with far fewer bubbles and VOCs.

3. Experience of tasters suggests that 8°-10°C is a good temperature at which to serve the majority of Champages and sparkling wines.